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My name is Marc Gomez, born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1972, I moved to Sweden in 1999 and am currently located in Gothenburg. I have a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science.


My entire professional career since 1996 has been devoted to the design and development of different kind of products in a number of industries. I have been involved in projects ranging from the Ariane rocket engine, Porsche Carrera GT, Hewlett Packard plotters, Rolls-Royce water-jet engines, to medical devices for Astra Zeneca, components for Saab and Volvo and a number of other smaller, but not less exciting companies.


I have extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of parts made of composites, which is crucial to achieve the high levels of rigidity and internal damping my arms have.


To design my arms I use CAD and CAE tools which enable me, amongst other things, to exactly calculate the moment of inertia of the arms, their natural frequencies and modes. This reduces the guess work to achieve the desired performance and allows me to match the arm design to specific cartridges.






In 2010, after many years working for different engineering companies, I decided I wanted to run my own business and to create exceptional products for analog playback. I soon identified the potential for improvement in the development and manufacturing of pickup arms in order to achieve superior performance.


It became then natural using my knowledge and experience in mechanics and materials science, to make the design and manufacturing of the highest performance pickup arms, the core of my business.


It is my firm believe that pickup arms should be designed and manufactured as precision measurement instruments, rather than as tuned musical instruments, which is a very spread practice nowadays.


As a purely mechanical device, I design pickup arms to be very rigid and have high structural integrity, thus providing a more stable platform for the cartridge to operate. This immediately translates into a more accurate reproduction of the records - higher fidelity.


I accomplish this by choosing materials and geometries that provide the desired mechanical performance of the arms- always based on the laws of Physics and proven engineering practices. You will never find magic ingredients in my designs; I cannot make magic but only the best use of what science, technology and my imagination has to offer today.


My manufacturing partners are some of the finest workshops in Sweden and Europe, making advanced precision components to well known brands such as Hasselblad.


I personally build and adjust to your specifications every arm you will get.






SAT pickup arms deliver the highest level of performance available today, using state of the art development and manufacturing methods.


SAT arms are the reference which the industry compares to, providing the ultimate analog playback experience.


Our designs prioritize the final performance of the arm. We strive, though, to create designs which have an elegant, technical and atractive look without compromising their mechanical integrity.


Swedish Analog Technologies provides products that will last a lifetime, even generations, and will be great value investments over the years.


Swedish Analog Technologies is a family business, taking care of the complete product cycle, from the concept to the assembling and service to our customers.


We want to build up a close and friendly relationship with our customers to whom we owe our appreciation for believing in us.


Designed & handcrafted in Sweden

Marc Gomez

Marc Gomez


Chief Engineer & Owner

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